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List of Publications of Howrah KVK


1.  Low cost techniques of rearing khaki Campbell duck and its disease management

2.  Upgradation of deshi cattle through artificial insemination technique

3.  Rearing techniques of black Bengal goat

4.  Techniques of producing vermi compost and its uses

5.  Disease pest problems of cucumber and its management

6.  Improved cultivation practices of elephant foot yam

7.  Improved cultivation practices of coconut

8.  Disease pest problems of sesame and its management

9.  Importance of micro nutrient for agriculture

10. Paddy cultivation through SRI method

11. Disease pest problems of bitter gourd and its management

12. Improved cultivation practices of black gram

13. Improved package of practices for lentil cultivation

14. Improved package of practices for sesame cultivation

15. Deficiency symptoms of different plant nutrients

16. Importance of irrigation for different field crops

17. Improved cultivation of Colacasia as cash crops

18. Selection of paddy varieties depending up on land situation

19. Diseases and pests of paddy and their scientific control measure

20. Improved cultivation practices of groundnut

21. Soil testing and balanced fertilizer application

22. Balanced nutrition for winter paddy

23. Beetle vine: An important crop for Howrah district

24. Improved cultivation practices of Potato

25. Improved techniques of cultivating winter paddy

26. Scientific procedure of retting of Jute fibre to obtain quality production

27. Improved cultivation practices of Boro paddy

28. Seed production procedure of hybrid maize at farmers’ field

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